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By BigB - Posted on 10 June 2009


As of June first 2009 Route 66 Wings and Wheels Inc. at there monthly board of Directors meeting voted on and passed a motion to start a Competition Membership Association.

It is officially the "Kingman Drag Racing Association" or KDRA. Membership is $25 dollars per year.You will receive a laminated ID badge with your membership ID on one side and participating sponsors on the back. With that you will receive discounts to all Route 66 Wings and Wheels Inc. events. Starting with this years Napa Racing Kingman Street Drags VI.Your membership will entitle you as a participant to a second day of free drag racing. So a weekend would only be $25 instead of $35.As crew you would also receive the second day free.As a spectator your membership will entitle you to free entry for the entire weekend.Membership does not apply to the Hospitality Suite.

There will be a members only area available on this web site where you can stay up to date on the most pressing news regarding Route 66 Wings and Wheels and the Kingman Street Drags.

Many of the Napa Racing Kingman Street Drags VI sponsors are offering Discount for Members.There logo will be on the back of the ID all you will need to do is present the ID badge at participating sponsors to receive your discount.

It will be necessary for you to wear your ID badge at all times for the weekend of the Drags to receive your discount.

For many years this has been a much requested addition to our program and we are very proud to now be able to offer this. We look forward to the growth of the Kingman Drag Racing Association in conjunction with our drive to reach the goal of a Multi-Faceted Motor Sports Facility where we hope to make the pride of membership in the KDRA an even more valuable asset.

At this time we are working out the details how to process the memberships, you will be able to mail them in our by using PayPal but we are working out those details and they will be posted in the next few days.Thanks for your patience and we look forward to all of you as new members of the new Kingman Drag Racing Association.

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We should have registration forms up by the first of next week. Please check back and sign up.

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The registration form is up and opperating.

Now is the time to begin with a new chapter in the History of Route 66 Wings and Wheels Inc. and become the first memebers of the "Kingman Drag Racing Association".

Enjoy the benefits and help to drive us towards our goal.

Join NOW!!!

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Memberships are poring in.Thanks to all who have already joined and to the many more who will soon.
Take advantage of the fact your membership gives you free entry for the weekend as a spectator.
Also remember this is helping to drive us to the goal of getting a permanent facility to enjoy year round.

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Thanks to everyone who has joined so far .Your memberships are being processed and you will have them shortly.Thanks again.

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Am I waiting for some kind of membership card??

Fast Eddie

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Maybe one of these years ill be a spectator but i doubt it will be as much fun as being part of the best event of the year Tongue

Clara Lewis

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Very nice of you to say Clara and you know I can relate......... Laughing out loud

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